The Best Plugins You Need for AutoCAD

Know them best plugins for autocad it can save you the next time you are in the middle of a project, since many of them are there to do in a couple of clicks what in other ways can cost you more. 

It does not matter if you use the program for architecture, engineering, or any other science design, we have the ideal one for you. 

single-family home in autocad
Single Family Home in AutoCAD

Do you know what AutoCAD is?

When it comes to computer-aided design programs, there is no doubt that the best out there is AutoCAD, a software that made its first appearance in 1982 and has since become the leader in digital design programs. 

Per se, AutoCAD is the default program that a large number of architects use in order to design their sketches, plans, drawings, structures and parts since they must comply with certain parameters that are requested by their clients. 

More, however, it is a completely multifaceted program, since it allows not only architectural projects to be carried out, but also mechanical, industrial, graphic design and engineering projects. 

AutoCAD has positioned itself as one of the leading digital design programs on the market due to the great possibility that it offers to be able to visualize the designs that are opened with its interface in both 2D and 3D. 

There are also libraries like Libreria CAD where you will find in an orderly way, a multitude of blocks for AutoCAD and BIM Objects of great utility for Engineering, Architecture, Construction, Interior Design, etc. available to be downloaded for free.

Some features of AutoCAD

There are many, but to get more into context we can point out the following couple of AutoCAD features:

  • It allows the creation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs, making it possible to view them from all angles. 
  • It admits the elaboration of pieces elaborated with the strategy of complex technical drawing. 
  • It has a wide gallery of predetermined objects with which you can work in the design of any type of structure or part. 
  • Its interface is completely accessible, with specific functions so that the professional can quickly become familiar with and understand how to use the software. 
  • In AutoCAD you can create all kinds of design drawings, sketches, plans, structures and parts of a parameterized nature. 
  • AutoCAD offers the possibility of working on projects of an industrial, mechanical, civil, urban nature, among many others. 
  • AutoCAD is a program that requires 3 days to lay the theoretical foundations, 3 weeks to practice the theory learned and 3 months to fully understand its operation, so that you can conscientiously use all the available options and thus get the most out of it. . 

What are plugins?

In simple words, plugins are add-ons that have the ability to add extra functionality, or improvements, to programs. They can be seen as mini-programs that add some feature that did not come by default in the original package. 

These, as a general rule, must modify the software thus adding a new additional code fragment. Such code may have been developed either by the program team or by an independent developer. 

Apart from calling them this way, it is also very common for them to be referred to as addons, plugins, extensions, modules, tools and even widgets. In many cases the terminology depends on the program to be updated.

Then the plugins for AutoCAD are those improvements or extra functionalities that are added to the original software package with the intention of updating the user experience, adding usefulness and effectiveness. 

What are the best plugins for AutoCAD?

Summarize the best plugins for autocad it can become a difficult task, however, here are 13 of them that will help you in different tasks within the software: 

  1. Top Parcel Top Parcel 

It's a plugin for AutoCAD which has been developed by ARKITool, allows the user to divide a piece of land, or an irregular polygon, into as many parts or plots as they want, always keeping them in the same area. 

Among its best features we find that it is completely easy to use, and that it also has preferential technical support. It is available in Spanish, English, Portuguese, among other languages. 

The time it takes to work will depend on the number of plots you want to obtain, as well as the complexity of the terrain. 


It will allow you to automatically locate and generate blocks with the entities in your drawing. When the blocks are not used to organize the entities, which generates problems when substituting one for another, counting the existing elements, among others. 

Among its features is having a great functionality of the application, being able to locate rotated and symmetrical entities, as well as marking the located entities. It is available in Spanish, English, Portuguese and other languages. 

Both its help and its support are unlimited, so any doubt when using it can be resolved. 

  1. The Best Plugins You Need for AutoCAD AVCAD

It's a payment plugin for AutoCAD which comes as an add-on package to the software with the intent that interconnect block diagrams can be created with engineering information. 

The plug-in has the ability to provide various functions for CAD software such as rack design, reporting tools and user databases. 

Many companies and professionals are using the plugin, since it can be used for more than one purpose. 

  1. space managerSpatialManager

It's one of the top plugins for AutoCAD, and has the function of helping to import and export spatial information in a very simple, fast, and, perhaps most importantly, low-cost way. 

It gives the possibility of importing data to various platforms, such as Google Earth, Excel, GPS, SQLite, Access, among many others. Apart from also making it possible to export data to Google Earth, Shape files, Mapfiles, among others. 

This is a plugin that is powerful, yet very easy to use. Its function extends to various spatial characteristics, so it is very useful. 

  1. fbx autodesk Autodesk FBX

Is from the best plugins for autocad because it is completely free and independent, which can be used within the review of 3D drawings and animations, being carried out in an easy and effective way. 

The plugin allows users to open and view 3D data without the need for any authorized 3D tools. It also provides the ability to toggle between the various options for shading, texture, wireframe, and lighting.

When you install it you will realize that it offers a new possibility of working within the CAD. 

  1. mark Mark

It's one of the plugin for AutoCAD that offers the possibility of quickly placing texts on the drawing field. It is important to note that there are not many that cover this need with such effectiveness.

Apart from that, it has the ability to provide various features such as skip annotation objects, insert arbitrary blocks with attributes, insert labels in the drawing, calculate the geometric center of an object, find and remove old marks and more. 

It can be very useful especially when other plugins have not given you the solution you were looking for.

  1. drawing purge Drawing Purge

It's about a plugin for AutoCAD which is available in two commands: DWG Purge and DWG Purge Batch.

  • DWG Purge is used in those cases where it is necessary to remove all unreferenced DGN linetypes, annotation scale and registered applications. 
  • DWG Purge Batch is a plugin used to purge different drawings without having to open the files. 

It is an add-on that is one hundred percent compatible with AutoCAD versions from 2012 to the most current, in case you have problems installing it, you may have to update. 

  1. mplot Mplot

It's another one of the top plugins for AutoCAD, which gives users the ability to print multiple drawings in just one step, making the process as simple as possible.

Apart from that, it has the ability to make plotting extremely easy and effective, also allowing you to select what the plotter will be, the plotting style to be used, the paper size, among many other aspects.

It is a plugin for those who are not only looking for something effective, but help improve efficiency and make the workflow run smoother. 

  1. DB KING DB King

also one of the best plugins for autocad known for providing more than 300 blocks used within the architectural field for construction data. It is a collection of blocks which can be used without modification to carry out architectural drawings.

These blocks are prepared according to the latest and most current design standards. In addition, users have the possibility to edit them, thus adding parameters and making them more useful. 

In the event that you live with AutoCAD precisely for architectural designs, it is best that you give it a try.


It is a tool used for text search and replace in AutoCAD. It provides the ability to search and find any text in an open drawing, making it a useful plugin. 

It is a feature not only possible in 1 drawing, but also in an entire folder of drawings. In case you want to change the text of more than 10 drawings, the tool will give you the possibility to do it with a couple of clicks. 

It should be noted that it is a payment plugin for AutoCAD, and you can find it available in the Autodesk App Store. 

  1. COLOR CHANGE ColorChange

A plugin for AutoCAD which by many is also called a "tool", which helps to change the color of an object in the CAD drawing, making it possible to change the color of By Layer and By Block. 

With the tool you even gain the ability to change the color of an object inside a block. The good news is that it is a commonly used plugin, so it is available to download for free.

  1. IMG CONVERT IMG Convert

It's a plugin for AutoCAD which is used with the intention of converting external raster images into internal blocks of the program so that they can be added to the plot of a drawing without being affected by their external references. 

The tool is very useful since it supports color and monochrome images, apart from also supporting the vast majority of formats with which image files are saved. 

It is one of those plugins that not everyone uses, but it never hurts to have it installed since they can get us out of any trouble. 

  1. COIN TRANSLATE Coin Translate

To close with our list of best plugins for autocad we have Coin Translate, which is completely free, and is used with the intention of translating languages. 

With it you can translate text, M-text, attributes and much more within the software from one language to another. It is popular because it is precisely the same one that Microsoft Translator uses to work. 

It may also be the most important of its kind because it has the majority of the world's languages available for translation, and adding that it is not paid for, it has been a success. 

Don't hesitate to add a couple of plugins to your AutoCAD!

It is already clear enough that the plugins for AutoCAD they are external tools that help provide new features to the software, making the user experience different from the standard version.

We have given you in the article a list of the best plugins for autocad Based on how easy it is to use, how effective each one is within its functions, and how popular it has become among users. 

Feel free to try any of the list that go with the tasks you perform daily in AutoCAD, and why not install any others that have caught your attention.