Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • What do I get in the Premium Plan?
      The subscription with the Premium plan will allow access to more than 30 thousand files (free files and premium files) according to the set daily download limit at the time of subscription. Premium Files differ from free Files by their higher quality, degree of complexity and level of detail.
    • Subscription plans renew automatically?
      Yes, Premium subscription plans will renew automatically, this automatic billing will stop only if you cancel it manually before the next expiration date.
    • How is the cancellation policy?
      Cancellation of the subscription will stop the automatic renewal of your subscription plan in CAD Bookstore. These subscriptions will be active until the moment you wish to cancel your Premium subscription. For example, if you have paid for a subscription that is paid monthly, it is recommended that you manually cancel your subscription before the next due date. The cancellation will not eliminate your CAD Bookstore account, nor will it refund the money invoiced in previous periods. You can re-subscribe to premium plan anytime.
    • How do I cancel my subscription?
      You can unsubscribe by going to Subscriptions and then selecting the cancel button.